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This Internet Page - simexbg.com (called hereafter „site” or „website”) is Simex Travel Ltd. property. It is created solely for general information purposes and provides the main information for the services offered by Simex Travel Ltd. Apart of that no piece of this information can be referred to as an offer or consultation for purchasing the services offered by us. Furthermore you have to mind that the information published on the site may not be full and precise; this information is not technical, investment, legal or other kind of advice or recommendation.

These General terms and conditions of use bind all the users of this site. With the loading of the created hyperlinks, placed on the server of simexbg.com, each user agrees, fully accepts and binds to observe the terms and conditions regulated by these rules.

Using this site and the information which it does contain, you accept that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and conditions for use of the Simex Travel Ltd.'s site.

The identification of the user in order to re-collect his statement for accepting the General terms and conditions of use, is carried out through the IP address of the user kept in the register of the simexbg.com server, as well as any other information submitted by this user.


Simex Travel Ltd. does maximum efforts to give you precise and actual information for the activity service offered by the agency on its site, but omissions and/or inaccuracy in this information are possible and in this view the risk when using the content of the Simex Travel Ltd.'s website depends on and is taken by the users who are responsible for the evaluation of the accuracy of the information published on it. Simex Travel Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the information published on the site and cannot be responsible for possible inaccuracy or omission. On this account Simex Travel Ltd. bears no responsibility for any direct, indirect, casual, sequenced or other damages and/or future loss of benefits, occurred in the result of or in any other way connected with the access and/or use of our internet website. Simex Travel Ltd. also bears no responsibility for possible differences between the services offered on the site, in the way that our clients have adopted them and actually delivered ones.

The information published on our internet page, including texts, prices, descriptions, photos, graphics, links to other sites or any other useful information, is liable to unilateral modification by Simex Travel Ltd.

The agency also reserves the right to delete or move the Site at any time and without any notice.

If the site of Simex Travel Ltd. contains links to other sites, it is just a sign of kindness. If you use the site for links to other sites, you have to mind that Simex Travel Ltd. does not control in any way and respectively does not bear any responsibility for the content and accuracy of the data published there. As far as Simex Travel Ltd. does not have influence on the design and content of the linked websites, it is not possible to take any responsibility for them.

You can create references to this site from other sites but only after you have accepted the Terms and conditions of use of simexbg.com. For further information, please contact us.

Simex Travel Ltd. does not guarantee and cannot be responsible in any way for the trouble-free and continuous access to the internet site.

Inviolability of the information containing personal data

Simex Travel Ltd. does not want to receive confidential or secured information from you through this site. All the materials, information and other messages, published or sent through this site, will be considered by Simex Travel Ltd. for unconfident and unprotected by their owner's request. Dealing with the personal information, which you can send to simexbg.com by request in order to services, offered on this site, is under the protection of the Personal data protection act. In this case if in some of the sections of the site it is necessary to give your personal details – names, address, telephone number, e-mail or others, the agency guarantees you that this information will be used only for the purpose it is collected for – for example in order to use your experience as a client, to offer you the product or the service you are looking for, to estimate your necessities and interests in better way or to offer you the proper job for your qualification.

The access to the personal information sent by you can be gained only by an authorized state authority, only in cases stated by the law and upon a special request for that. Simex Travel Ltd. does not collect and will not use the personal data sent by you for commercial purpose and will not give any piece of the collected information to organizations with such purpose.

Using this Site, you give your consent for collection and use of information in the way mentioned above. If the agency changes its policy regarding the inviolability of personal data, it will occur through the modification of the General terms and conditions of use of the site in such way that the users will have this information in advance.

Along with this, we inform you that you do not have the right to publish or send from or to this Website any illegal, offensive, libellous, inapplicable, and pornographic or any other information which breaks the current laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The checking or copying of the contents of this website is only for personal but not for commercial purposes. Apart from the purpose for the copying, it is necessary each copy to contain data for the origin of the copyright and other property rights.

Simex Travel Ltd. is a trade mark of Simex Travel Ltd. and the design, structure and content of this internet site are subject of copyright and are protected by law. The exclusive right of use belongs to Simex Travel Ltd. The users can print single pages, images, logos and etc., from the site, on condition that they do not delete the identifying symbols and blanks, trademarks and others. The content of this website cannot be modified or used – wholly or partially – in other website without the explicit permission of Simex Travel Ltd.

This authority for use is considered for withdrawn and inexistent in any infringement of these terms and conditions. In this case all the contents downloaded from the site must be deleted.


The content of this website is controlled exclusively by Simex Travel Ltd. The Legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria is applicable to this website. The court instance for resolving all the juridical disputes arisen when or because using the website is the court in the town of Sofia, the Republic of Bulgaria.

If there is an encroachment upon the content of this website out of the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria, this encroachment is at the risk of the perpetrator. The user is responsible on his own for observing his national right.

These Terms and conditions are valid in their actual version, published on the site. If the website does not include any special clauses, they must be entered and published before these obligatory General terms and conditions of use and refer only to the products or services mentioned in them.

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This document was last updated on 13.07.2020